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• Mar 26, 2019 - 18:03

I use MS mainly to transcribe scores for a SATB choir to produce pdf and audio files (MIDI and MP3).
I usually create audio files for each part (one file for sopranos, one for altos, and so on). In each of these files, the part is played together with the other parts, but at a much louder volume.

To get this working, this is the procedure I follow in MS2:
1) create 4 parts using the "New all" button of the "Parts" window
2) add all the other instruments to each of the parts created in 1)
3) open the Mixer
4) click on a tab of a specific part and adjust the volume as desired on the Mixer. For example, click on Soprano part tab, increase the volume of Soprano and reduce volume of Alto, Tenor and Bass.
5) click on another part tab and modify similarly as to 4). For example, click on Alto part tab, increase the volume of Alto and reduce volume of Soprano, Tenor and Bass.
6) do the same for all parts,
7) Create separate audio files via File\Export parts..

With this procedure, I obtain a specific setting of Mixer for each individual part (and these settings are saved when the file is saved).
Unfortunately, I was not able to replicate the procedure in MS3. The mixer settings are always the same for all the parts and it is not apparently possible to get different settings for the different parts.

Can anyone suggest me a workaround (mine was already a workaround, actually) to get a similar result with MuseScore 3 ?

Many thanks


Ciao Francesco.
Select all ATB notes by inspector uncheck play or set Velocity or add dynamics (p/pp?);
Save as*S.mscz
Repeat the process, you should have the four files

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Thanks Shoichi,
your workaround is feasible, but it actually requires to create as many separate .mscz files as the number of parts in a score.
To get the same result I can make many exports as the number of parts, adjusting properly the volumes via mixer before each export...
What I want to obtain (and it was possible in MS 2) is a single mscz file with parts, and each part with its set of volumes (as in my first post, each "part" should contain all instruments). In this way, if I made a change in the score (for example add a note or a pause, or whatever) the change will be reflected automatically in the parts. Moreover, export of all parts can be obtain in a single passage.
I know that I am probably not effective in explaining my problem...I will probably try to make a short video to better clarify.

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You can create 4 sets of parts using file->parts. Don't use the new all button unless you also want individual parts. Use the new button, name the part ATB and check Alto, Tenor and Bass. Press new again and call the part STB and check Soprano, Tenor and Bass and so forth until you have the parts you want. You still have one file and you can export a part to a PFD, MP3 or any other format you like using File->Export or all parts using File->Export parts.

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Dear mike320
thanks for your feedback. This is actually what I currently do. The problem is that with MS3 it is not possible (at least, apparently) to obtain a different set of volume adjustments for each individual parts.
In your example, imagine that I have created the parts ATB and STB. Then, I need as output two MP3 files in which the volume of (for example) A and S (in ATB and STB, respectively) are higher than those of the other instruments. Well, this was possible in MS2 but not in MS3.

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