Change number of measures per line

• Mar 30, 2019 - 17:34

I just transposed a piece of music and found difficulty in adjusting the number of measures per line. Since it is a piece which requires chord transitions to be written explicitly, I have found that the measures themselves get crunched together to the point where individual chords (written as system text) cannot be distinguished individually. I have tried to adjust "stretch" via layout, but rather than just adjusting the size of one measure and perhaps moving a measure to the following line, it crunches together the adjacent measures. Any thoughts?


MuseScore follows some "automatic" artifacts depending on some values you can change into the "Format" menu, "Style" and "Page Settings" options.

Unfortunately... You will have to experiment with this... A lot!!!

Finally..., Maybe..., Some day..., Perhaps..., Your dreams could be a reality..., Maybe...

This is this way because MuseScore is made with the idea to use and fill all the page you are using (professional music publishers look), despite the bars per line, and or notes per bar.

So... Good luck with your adventure!!!

Use Format → Add/Remove System breaks to insert a system break every x measures. Then either reduce stretch for all measures that should be on one system but aren't (not one by one, but select all those measure and then reduce their stretch) or reduce the overall score scaling in Format → Page Settings…

BTW, there are also settings to control the spacing of chords - you shouldn't actually need to mess with breaks or stretch just to avoid crowding. If you attach your score, we can understand and assist better.

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