Can't edit text if multi-monitor computer and Musescore is not on primary screen.

• Apr 2, 2019 - 06:09
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S3 - Major
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If you have multiple monitors and musecore is not on the primary monitor, then you can't edit text in titles and chords because the cursor gets drawn in the incorrect location. Therefore, you don't know which text you are deleting or changing.

This may seem minor, but I always work this way. All other software that I have ever tried does work on the either monitor.

For example: Create a score title. Try to edit it. When you type a letter, it appears in a completely different location than where you think the cursor is. Try to delete text, and the wrong letters will get deleted. You just can't edit the text if you are using the monitor that you purchased in order to edit large pages.


Frequency Many Once
Reproducibility Always Once
Status active needs info

Works for me, Windows 10, 64bit, MiuseScore 3.0.5, 64bit.

Reproducibility Once Always

The person who changed this from "Always" to "Once" is incorrect. This always happens. I can never edit text on Musescore on my second Monitor. I am attaching two files. In the file Before, you can see that the cursor appears to be between the u and the e. However, when you type a character, it appears way earlier. The file After shows where the letter actually ends up. Notice my text size is 120% (Recommended).

Frequency Once Few

I got a new computer and it happens on that one too. That's two installations. Changing to few.

I discovered that the issue happens when the scaling factor of the external monitor is different from that of the internal monitor [125% (Recommended on small built in screen, but 100% on larger external screen]. This is common because external monitors are larger and text is very readable at a smaller scaling factor. I also noticed text portions of scores layout incorrectly on the second monitor when the scaling factors are different, which could lead to confusion because printing will result in something very different from on screen. Note that different scaling factors is absolutely essential if external monitor is higher resolution (4K). I am holding off on getting a high resolution exernal monitor until this is fixed. Both bugs probably caused by doing calculations with the internal screen's scaling but applying them to the external screen.