MS crashes after any change - not able to continue work

• Apr 5, 2019 - 08:36

I am not able to continue work on a full score and parts that I have spent a lot of time on already.
Any change I make, be it in the full score or a part - the whole programme crashes.

It seems that the "save" command is what triggers the crash, not before that, at least not every time before that.


Thanks for confirming.

I will try to add relevant information if I know what to add.
First, I think it was started in MuseScore 2 - I see that I have delivered an early version of the full score (not having worked on parts yet) on February 26.
However, I have so far not had any troubles with this or any other file that have been started in the earlier version and continued in MS 3. Neither have I had any other trouble with MS 3 at all.

I have the folder synchronized with OneDrive and there seems to be a kind of version history service there, where I could restore 5 previous versions of the file.

I have now tried starting again from the last but one version, which still crashed the same way, though yesterday I had continued from that state by making a couple of new parts.

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I have filed it there now.
I may try to go on working from the previous version of the file, but I am not sure if I have time for that in the next couple of hours or even today, so I do not know yet whether I can report anything new about that very quickly.
Thank you and I will be following what can be found out in that comparison.

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Thank you,
this may turn out to be very useful.

After starting work again from an earlier version (0.8), I found that the problem may have arisen in connection with what had happened in flute 1 and 2 in full score and in parts in bar 32.
When making parts, the application did not copy the notes of 32 to the flute 2, I wrote them manually in that part, and then a very strange picture with double notes appeared in the full score. Later, I was again trying to fix that, and the crash occurred then. However, after restart it got fixed when I deleted one note from Flute 1 line in the full score and then undid that move, after which there were some more minor graphic issues, but now the line looks good in both full score and parts. I hope I can keep going from here.
(The attached file is the latest now)

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