need some "tweeks" (e-guitar)

• Apr 8, 2019 - 10:41

dear all how can i change a tab number 19 on the 1st string to 24 on the 2nd, please? i tried changing the "professional" usable pitch range to f#. it seems MS does not cater for 24fret guitars

also i wish to write a glissando(from the "arpeggios and glissandi" dialog) not to a next note but just down, it does not seem possible?

is there a way to make a connected tab staff follow 8va. signs from the notes staff?

thank you!

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Seems we're having an off-by-one error here. Increase the number of frets to 25, then you can move that note to fret 24 (and change the number of frets back to 24).

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