Out-of-range notes

• Apr 11, 2019 - 12:12

In the violin, the highest you can get is E5. When I write notes beyond that, it will be colored green and it doesn't produce a sound. I tried to widen the range in the Staff/Part Properties. And it still won't sound. Is there a way around this?


Unfortunately, some soundfont files have those restrictions!!!

You have to use another soundfont file to get the higher (or lower) sounds.

1) You have to download the new soundfont file.
2) You have to put it into the MuseScore SoundFonts folder, in your internal HDD.
3) You have to open MuseScore and open the Synthesizer.
4) You have to "load" the new soundfont file in the "Fluid" tab.
5) You have to put the new soundfont file as the "by Default" value.

Now, you will be able to hear the sounds you want to hear!!!

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