Delete measure in Musescore 3

• Apr 11, 2019 - 18:33

Is there any current way to delete a measure in Musescore 3? I used to be able to do it before I updated.


It hasn't changed. Press ctrl+delete and starting in 3.0.5 "timewise delete" in the context menu (right click) was changed to delete selected measure.

There a LOT of people who never use keyboard shortcuts. [COMMAND DELETE] on iMac
I never used keyboard shortcuts until very recently.
I feel silly for not having used them for so long
The crux of the problem? Musescore never alerts users about the available shortcuts.
There has to be someway to 'force shortcut' new users. Force a user to use the shortcut at least once.
Similar to a video game, where they force use of a certain tactic to get to the next level. This way they can be assured you know what it is.

And this is doubly important for shortcuts that have no other mouse-clickable option.

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After I learned all the shortcuts, I use them as well. And I agree no space should be wasted on things with easy shortcuts (Marc S. mentioned this) And yeah you are right there is a way to delete measures sans shortcut (as would be expected from a top notch program)
But there has to be a way to make Musescore idiot proof (for users like me who don't pay attention to anything until years later)
Force them use the shortcuts at least once so they know they exist.

This will help a lot of beginner users as well. People just starting out. And it will also stop arrogant users like myself who never bother to read documentation or anything and just use it, and develop a set style and never bother to learn anything else. *though in my defense this is a lot Avid and Sibelius fault. Sibelius is a nightmare of unnecessary complexity (much worse than Musescore) and once I found a way to work quickly. That was the only way I worked and never deviated.

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I've always been more comfortable using the keyboard rather than relying on the mouse to do things, so I learned the shortcuts as quickly as I could. The shortcuts are most definitely not hidden, they're listed in the menus where applicable, even if you add them yourself. I've even added shortcuts that aren't defined by default to make certain actions easier. As you said, MuseScore is an outstanding program and is adaptable to the habits of most people. Though, there are the occasional people who visit the forums that don't want to hear of any way but the way they want to do something. MuseScore isn't for program is.

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