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• Apr 12, 2019 - 13:58

I'm using Windows 10 64 bit system. Wanted to change chord style in Musescore 3.0.5, selected Format then Style.....program froze and was unable to do anything with the program, even unable to close program. Had to uninstall program. Tried several times over the past couple of days. Still not working.


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I dont know. I'll have to download version 3.0 again and I'll try. However, I tried clicking on everything, but to no avail. Let me know how to attach and I will be happy to do so. I am not a computer whizkid...just an octagenarian that has been using Musescore since it first began.

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While holding down Alt+spacebar, M, and arrow key simultaneously, I clicked mouse but nothing happened. Still hung up.

Then I tried while holding down Alt + spacebar with my left hand, with my right hand I selected M released it and then selected arrow key then clicked mouse, but nothing changed...still frozen. And the only way to get back control of my computer is to uninstall the program.

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I'm sorry for being such an idiot. I never pressed the ESC key. When I first pressed the ESC key then proceeded with your instructions, it released the freeze and I was able to proceed and close the program without uninstalling it.
Thank you for your time and expertise. However I still am unable to select a different style. I could live with that. Thanks again....Musicdad

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What you are reporting has been reported several times. Unfortunately it hasn't happened to any of the programmers, so they are having difficulty finding out why it happens. You were actually helping to test a theory when you were pressing alt+space. If the window had moved off of the screen, doing this properly in windows should have returned it to the screen. Either you didn't do the key presses properly or something else is is happening.

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Thanks Mike. I didn't mean a screen freeze.. musescore was hung up and I was unable to select anything in the Musecore program or close the program. My mouse was still operating correctly, moving over the screen, but inoperable as far as selecting anything else. ESC made cleared the problem, but each time I selected Style, the problem re-occurred. I was able to select all of the other programs in Format. The problem only occurs when selecting Style. I am sorry if I confused you and if I misled you. I am 87 years old and not very computer literate, but I have been using Musescore since it first began and have made a compilation of several hundred leadsheets of songs that I like for my own use.

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I understand exactly what your computer is doing. Many people have described the same situation. It's just impossible to fix if you don't know what's wrong. What I didn't do was read what you tried properly. Here's what might help get your screen working.

Put your mouse pointer near the middle of the screen
press alt+spacebar (release all keys)
press M
Press the down arrow
move your mouse

If my guess is correct, your Styles... window will now be attached to your mouse pointer and you can move it like any other window. Click to drop it.

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The only fix I've heard of is changing the Scale in Windows. Try this:

Open Windows settings by pressing the windows button then clicking the icon on the left that looks like a snow flake. It will say Settings when you hover over it
Next click System
Tell me what is in the dropdown under Change the size of text, apps, and other items.

If this says 150%, change it to 125% and see if that fixes the problem.

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You're right about that Mike. Fortunately I have my laptop connected to a much larger monitor, so it makes it a little easier for me to see. It's too bad that the OK on the format screen isn't a little higher on the window, because the only two items I can't see is fretboard and text. I like the Jazz Chords from the old Musescore. They are bold and much larger. Makes it easier for me to read the leadsheet when playing the piano. But thanks once again, I am beginning to learn and understand how to use this new version.

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I don't believe it is freezing, just that either the dialog shows, but the OK/Cancel buttons are not in view due to the size of the dialog, so you can't get out of it except by pressing Esc, or by showing the entire dialog outside the visible screen.
In the latter case a revert to factory should solve it (or using
In the former case using a smaller scaling factor for your display (or a larged DPI setting using the -d DPI commandline option) should help

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OT. For those who have evolved in computer science, even Command line options has no secrets.
For others (I speak for myself) there may be difficulties. Sometimes Windows responds with 'it's not a recognized command' and the user crashes or something. Or some hidden missing library...
Problems that sometimes we read in the forums.
For the command line options it would be preferable to have the description, extended, to be able to copy and paste.

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I apologize for my ignorance, but I dont understand much about computers.....I am 87 years old and was introduced to computers in 1994.
So my knowledge about how they work is a mystery and confusing to me
I am lost reading about reset dialog positions. But thank you for your time in trying to help. It is greatly appreciated.

Hi, I had the same problem and after reading the comments, I suddenly got the idea to change the scale of my screen from 150% to 125% in display settings. After that I was able to open Styles again. Don’t no if this is a coincodence, but you might try if this works for you too.

I had exactly the same problem.
You don't have to uninstall just restart your computer or better still follow tis fix that I have just used which someone posted.
It was 1. Initiate the freeze by pressing format then style
2. Move your mouse to the centre of the screen.
3. Press alt+ spacebar then release
4. Press m
5. Press upward arrow
6. Move your mouse.
7. style window will now be attached to your mouse . press to releale.
8. Should now be fixed.

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