How do you change the order of drums in a drum pallette?

• Apr 12, 2019 - 18:38

In musescore 2 I was able to customize my drumset order by modifying the styles .drm file.
Musescore 3, however, arranges them in a weird order by default.
Is there any way to modify this order?


The lower screen doesn't look right. The bass drum(s) and foot hi hat should be voice 2. You are missing cross hatch notes. There should be some cymbal above the staff. But I think you are talking about left---> right order. I don't think you can change this except to shrink the list by deleting names from the dialogue. You might try then replacing the deleted names with new instruments while keeping the patch order b0.1 c1 c#1 d1 etc. The patches MAY have to be used in the original order but maybe not. I wondered about this recently too. I made some custom drm files mostly by deleting and adding to the end of the list. But I wonder if you can reuse the patch from a deleted name.

In other words, highlight and delete all of the names from the edit dialogue. Then either add patches while committed to the left---> right order b0,c1,c#1 D1 etc or choose any order you want.

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Hey, thanks for the response.

Yeah, I use my own custom .drm file which has everything in voice 1. The noteheads were lost in the process of moving from ms2 to ms3 but I re-added them after taking the picture.

By now, I think I've tried everything. No matter what I do the drums are locked into the same order.

I really hope this gets looked at. It was a useful feature in ms2, so I don't see why it would get removed like that.

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