Decrease Stretch Doesn't Work

• Apr 12, 2019 - 20:02

I have three non-adjacent measures, each of which takes up the entire width of the page. I have tried to decrease stretch on each one by highlighting the measure, pressing Shift + { (left curly bracket) repeatedly with no effect. Holding down CTRL while doing this changes nothing. I have also tried highlighting the measure then pressing Format then Stretch then Decrease but that just makes the blue highlighting disappear from the measure. There is no line break before or after any of the three measures. What am I doing wrong? I would post a screenshot if someone would obligingly tell me how to do that.


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Here's my unfinished score and the problem (page-wide measures) still persists in Measures 117, 130 and 131. There are no breaks before or after these measures. I've tried using CTRL+{ and Format›Stretch›Decrease Stretch. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? (I'd also like to shrink other measures that have only two measures in one line, such as Nos. 111, 128 and 134.) Thank you. SUN_IS_SHINING.mscz

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In measure 117 I selected the measure and clicked the notes button in the inspector (F8) and changed the leading space to -.25sp, m130 -.5 sp, m131 -1.5 sp, m132 -.5 sp

Just some things to consider if it doesn't make the measures too crowded for you. Another possibility would be to open Format->Page settings and reduce the scaling a little. I actually prefer to reduce the scaling.

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