Natural incidental not applied but played Natural

• Apr 14, 2019 - 19:34

Hi all,

I am having an issue with the attached file, the (A) is supposed to be Flat but it does not play flat.
I realize I have "quarter tones" in the Key Signature but I only have quarter on (E) and the issue was there before I applied the quarter tone with the plugin (Quarter Tone Play Back).

I created the key signature with Master Pallet the added it to the score.

What am I doing wrong.

Please don't ask me to upgrade to the latest version as the 3.0 Crashes every time I try to use (Quarter Tone Play Back). I am perfectly content with 2.0 for now.

Thank you all

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You created a custom key signature. Even if you created it to look exactly like the key of E-flat, the key signature would have no effect on playback. They currently don't work at all. They have no effect except to tell a human how to play. In the mean time you must use the plugin I linked to to get playback. Hopefully one day that will change, but I know of no current project to fix it.

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thank you so much for respond... Got it, as far as the plugin, that is the same plugin I have, I did down load it again and it seem to be the same rev. I think the (2.) referenced on the plugin page is to Musescore rev. not to the plugin rev.

Thank you.

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