accessibility of reading scores - MuseScore v3

• Apr 14, 2019 - 20:50

i'm trying to use MuseScore 3 with NVDA.
i found that MuseScore 2 read easily the score, but the v3 only plays notes without reading them.

can you investigate?



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Yes yes, same issue. Sorry, i didnt check. However, after trying the v2, my mum (the musician user) found the screenreader interations with musescore not suitable for her. We had to fallback to FreeDots and notepad. I can try to write a plugin for musescore that send to nvda only the score like she wants... My question now is: why there is not a standard for blind musician users that software like yours have to follow?
Thanks in advances

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A valid question, but MuseScore is not a standards body so your guess is as good as ours. Perhaps you can let us know what your mum's requirements are and we could try to meet them?

I know that verbosity is a big problem currently. Selecting a note might result in the screen reader saying:

  • Note; Pitch: C5; Measure: 1; Duration: Crotchet; Voice: 1; Bar: 1; Beat: 1; Stave: 1

and then selecting the next note gives:

  • Note; Pitch: D5; Measure: 1; Duration: Crotchet; Voice: 1; Bar: 1; Beat: 2; Stave: 1

We could change this so that only the information that changes is read, i.e.:

  • Pitch: D5; Beat: 2

Are there any other improvements you would like to see in terms of speech output?

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