Repeat Bars Not Repeating on Play Back

• Apr 16, 2019 - 03:36

Thanks for your patience gang. Almost actually got this finished. I encapsulated the last 3 bars of this score with repeat bars, but when I play it back it does not repeat the last 3 bars. I'm not sure why as, I think, placed in front of a musician as written, they would indeed repeat the last 3 bars. I have gotten irregular performance out of this software compared to other users and have long suspected this buggy performance can be attributed to an antiquated, early generation pentium, computer.

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When I See You Again_Final.mscz 9.59 KB


My best guess is that you do not have the Play Repeats button press on the playback toolbar. If you cannot see the button that looks like a repeat barline, then click the arrows next to the concert pitch button and you will see it. If you drag these arrows, you can extend the length of the playback toolbar if needed.

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