Textbox space in vertical bars + score layout in custom palette

• Apr 17, 2019 - 08:05

Hi there,

I've start testing the 3.1 beta and I have two questions.
Is it possible to minimize the horizontal space of the textboxes?
The score layout for custom palette seems losing quality. Is it by design?



ok, if it's somehow possible to optimize the layout it is better, or can I hide somehow those textboxes and work in case with some toolbar options?
However what about the second point regarding the score layout when using a custom palette?

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@Shoichi Thanks for your suggestions, in reality I came up with that specific layout because I wanted to optimize the vertical space to show as much as possible of the score which has several staves...I will explore later the undocking possibilites.

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You can edit the order of the icons on a toolbar so the items that are causing the toolbar to be too wide will be at the bottom. You can then grab the bottom of the tool bar and drag it up to make it shorter. I'm not sure, but this may allow it to be the width of one icon rather than the dropdown box.

For the display, it looks like you removed the check from Edit->Preferences->Canvas->Draw antialiased.

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Thanks, the display got fixed after I checked that option. I didn't remember to have removed the check, I will investigate better.
As for the textboxes, I wanted to have vertically as much space as possible to fit the score on the screen. At the end it's not a big issue that horizontally the space is not optimized.

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