Note Keeps Playing That Is Not in the Score

• Apr 18, 2019 - 00:53


In the attached file (which is also uploaded to Musescore at, I keep hearing a wrong note being played at the 3rd beat of Measure 59. Near as I can tell, it is a C-note on the B-flat clarinet. However, there is no such note for the clarinet at the point, nor is there a C at that point anywhere else.

I've tried rewriting the whole measure for all instruments and numerous other work-arounds, but cannot get rid of the stray note, and this is the only place it is happening.

I've never encountered this before. Has my hearing gone bad, am I doing something wrong, or is there a weird bug here?

Thanks for your advice!


I don't hear it, but I don't have the finest ear either. I soloed the clarinet and couldn't hear any note I also looked to see if there were any misplaced notes that belong to the clarinet, but found nothing. It sounds like this is probably an overtone you're hearing that makes it sound like a clarinet. There have been many reports of such overtones.

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Thanks for checking this out! Based on your input, I tried listening to this on my cell phone, and didn't hear the issue there. Still hear it on my computer though. I then tried layering each part one at a time, and found that I didn't hear the issue until I added in the vocal layers (alto and bass lines, which are the only vocal parts active in M59). That's when the odd note popped up again.

I think you are correct that this must be some sort of overtone, and perhaps has to do with the sound card on my computer. Really odd - I've never had that happen before. I'm glad that others are not hearing this, as I found it very irritating and frustrating!

Thanks again!

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