Converted piano part has huge distance between piano treble and bass cleff

• Apr 19, 2019 - 05:12

When I open a score up in Musescore 3 and agree to convert it from the earlier version... it selects certain systems of the piano part and has large distances between the treble cleff staff and the bass cleff staff....
How do I fix that and get them to match the rest of the piano part?

Springfield MO


Try adding Staff spacer fixed down from Breaks &Spacers palette.
Can you attach here the score you are having problems with?

As mentioned, we'd really need to see the score (MSCZ file, not just a picture) to say what's going on in that specific case. But in generally, MuseScore 3 adds space between staves to avoid collisions. Presumably it was detecting one somewhere.

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Looks like you entered a chord on the bottom staff then attempted to drag it above the top staff. This was never the right way to do things, but MuseScore 2 let you get way with that error and didn't correct things like MuseScore 3 does. Cut the chord from the bottom staff, paste it to the top, and press Ctlr+R to reset it back to the default position.

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