Superfluous clefs and key signatures

• Apr 21, 2019 - 01:13

I am using the new 3.05 for the creation of a chamber ensemble score (7 staves). At certain points in the score, (superfluous) clefs and/or key signatures are added for reasons I cannot figure out. I have not found a way of deleting them (because they are added across the system, rather than in individual staves -- highlighting one highlights all of them). Making them invisible works, but creates an empty space at the beginning of that measure. Clicking "courtesy" off does not work (they are not "courtesy" in the sense that they do not anticipate a change, just repeat the current clef/key signature). Any advice on how to deal with this problem?


It always helps if you attach your score,, then we can understand and assist better. There are some known bugs already fixed for the next update that you might be seeing. Meanwhile, try turning off "courtesy" for the second of the two - that's how it is designed to work even when not seeing this bug. That should make it disappear. Then save, reload, and you can turn courtesy back on.

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