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• Apr 21, 2019 - 01:24

Been using MuseScore for a few years now and only have one major issue - as a migraine sufferer, I can't use it for very long because of the white page, even with my laptop's brightness way down. Would it be possible to add a mode similar to Windows' High Contrast setting or give the option to change page colour? Might also be useful for people who need a coloured overlay or struggle with black text on a white background for other sensory reasons.


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Wow, it seems you can change all of the colors in preferences except the default displayed note color. It seems there is no way to set the default color to anything but black. I don't see this as a terrible limitation since you can change the background color to a tan and the black notes will still stand out. The glare will no longer be there from the white paper. There is bound to be some color you can choose for the paper that will be acceptable with black notes.

I'm using this yellowish brown shade.
I can say that my eyes never get tired.


Note: It is not a good idea to use glossy white for notes. This causes a situation called the Halo effect. (White light, stimulates all color-cells in the eye. After a while (when you move your eyes) you can see some flying imaginary transparent notes)

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You can also download an app like f.lux that will gradually change the color of your screen to cancel out blue light based on how bright it is outside.

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