Unexpected courtesy clef in continuous view

• Apr 22, 2019 - 04:55

(Using MuseScore 3.0.5 on Windows 7 i7 laptop)

I was working on a score with several instruments in continuous view, an when I made a clef change in one of them, erratically appeared courtesy clefs in all others, even if there is no need since a floating clef appears already at the left, and even if I unchecked Create courtesy clefs from tne Format / Style / Page settings. The inspector shows courtesy checked for each clef. I unchecked and deleted all of them but after a while they appeared spontaneously again.

It is not a very serious bug, but I think courtesy clefs should never appear in the continuous view since they only make sense when there are system jumps, which is not the case in continuous view. In any case it seems to be unnecesary code running in the background to handle this unwanted behavior.


There are a couple of known issues that could cause this, all should be fixed already for 3.1. If you find steps to reproduce the problem from scratch, let us know and we can verify that case it really is fixed.

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No, I couldn't reproduce the problem in a neat way. But this and other problems start to occur when the project grows too much (for instance, an orchestral score with 100+ pages), since the general behavior of the software becomes very slow (I use an i7 processor with 6 Gb RAM) and poorly responsive. For intance if one tries to move a note selecting it and displacing it with the up/down keys, each step takes some seconds and each sound lasts all the time until the next step instead of lasting the time set in the preferences. Sometimes the focus on the working space is lost (not clear why and where it goes) and it is necessary to click on the score and wait to recover it. I think some information does not get right to its destination during those black-out intervals, causing some unexpected behavior.
Seems as if any edit would require processing the whole score instead of what is visible, monopolizing the processor time allocated for the application.

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