First time user help!

• Apr 23, 2019 - 09:33

Hello, my name is Dylan and i just started using Musescore and i find it difficult.
I don't read sheet music and i know that makes the overall experience more difficult for me, but maybe someone can help me anyway?

I don't have a midi-keyboard, i only use my Mac Book Pro.
I want to be able to add music to a beat so the software enters the correct values with appropriate rests etc.

Is there a way to have the software count you in and then you just lay down a rythm with one key (or whatever) to get a notation of that rythm?

I play in a band and we play all by ear, but since i sometimes "write" harmonies for vocals it would be nice to be able to print the sheet music out and hand it to the band.

Is there somebody that can help me?

Best regards, Dylan Brock.


Hi Dylan!

Welcome to notation and Musescore! Right now you can't play on a MIDI keyboard and have Musescore notate for you right away. However, there are a couple of potential workarounds for this.

1) Set values on your MIDI keyboard for which key should be which note.
2) Record yourself with a MIDI recorder (, for example) and then upload that to Musescore. It will likely require some editing as it is difficult for MIDI recorders to determine the correct duration of the notes.
3) Learn to read sheet music and/or have someone who knows how help you notate your music.

Best of luck!

Since you don't have a midi keyboard, your choices are to get a midi keyboard or learn to read music.

Learning basic note entry is not difficult. Learn that all notes are A to G. On the treble clef (the one with the fancy S clef) the bottom line is E, on the bass clef (the one with the backwards C, the bottom line is G. The note entry toolbar tells you the names of the notes symbols like quarter, eighth and half notes. Once you learn those two things, you have made a huge step toward being able to write down the music you play.

If you play by ear, you should know that you are playing an E for example, it is then a matter of deciding which E you played and place it on the correct staff with the correct type of note. If you play guitar, there are tablature staves with standard staves linked. You enter a note on the tablature and it's shown on the standard staff. Tablature basically says the you put a finger on fret 3 of the 2nd string (the lowest note is on the bottom like when you hold the guitar) to get a note, and it will automatically display the note on the staff above.

These are just a couple of basic ideas that could get you started in writing your music.

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Actually, to be honest, I'd say your chocies are to get a MIDI keyboard and to learn to read music. You won't get readable sheet music out of attempts to play in real time on a MIDI keyboard any more than you'll get a readable novel by dictating it into Siri. You'll see some of the right notes/words, but you'll need to do a ton of fixing up.

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