Double repeat barline

• Apr 24, 2019 - 12:57

Where is the double repeat barline in the latest free version of musescore?


But note, you can still easily create this in the current version - just add the end repeat and start repeats separately. That's all the double symbols did / will do anyhow - they really are two separate barlines back to back.

Also, there is only a free version of MuseScore, no paid versions exist.

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How do you add them separately? I highlight the bar line and it will only accept one selection from the templates. How do you stick two on one barline? I didn't see any obvious inspector options to allow for this. Or is it just assumed that is where you repeat to from the next section of the music so the back to back repeat is not needed. I'm accustomed to seeing the back to back repeat which makes it much easier to locate visually while playing and instrument.

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