Barred Sextuplet

• Apr 24, 2019 - 17:39

I have an an original score with a barred sextuplet as shown in the attached image. It it possible to do this in MuseScore? If so how?
I have looked at the handbook and tried a few things as suggested but nothing seems to work. I am using Musescore
Thank you for any assistance. Music beamed sextuplet.png

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Thanks for trying to help. I am not having any problem creating the sextuplet. The problem is creating a bar on the sextuplet like the one in the original score that I am trying to duplicate. After a lot of searching and messing around I am coming to the conclusion that MuseScore can't currently accommodate this.
Music beamed sextuplet2.png
Just in case anyone else is trying to follow this, Measures and measure properties now seem to be called bars and bar properties in version 3.

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Oh what a hassle.
Since I am not an American but live in the antipodes, I though I should change my preferences from US English to GB English in the preferences section as hinted at. It seemed to make no difference. Bars were still referred to as bars not measures. I closed MuseScore and tried to reopen it. It flashed on the screen for a moment but wouldn't remain open. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still the same problem. I referred to the forum. Many it would seem have had these same sorts of problems earlier in the year. By following through on various forum suggestions, I was eventually able to get MuseScore working again. I checked the language preferences and it is now set to GB English but bars are still bars not measures. I can more than live with this.

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