loophole for a way to copy and paste text with colors

• Apr 25, 2019 - 18:28

I noticed that whenever I tried to copy and paste notes that had either "staff text, fingering, and chord symbol" text in a particular color other than black, the pasted copy of that same note with colored text would turn black again... However, if you used a square frame for the chord symbol text to use around that text and assigned a different color to the square border, the pasted copy of that text would be black but the square border was still the same color...so you could use a square border around all of the text you want in color for copying and pasting text with colors as a loophole around the color text issue... however, borders can get messy, so I figured out another loophole.
For each color you want to use, you could use a different type of text for each color and then, change the default text style to be in that color. First you select the color of that text, and then press the little "s" button to the right of it to set that color as the default color for that text style...
I'm doing a project using chords in a chord progression with different adjustments using a different color for each chord, so I wounded up using the chord symbol text for chord i in red, staff text for chord IV in green, and then the fingering text style for the third chord v in blue... kind of a pain but it will copy and paste in the same color every time, even if you copy and paste a pasted copy of the original text in color...if that makes sense to anyone. here's a document to see what I mean kinda


This is clever, but fwiw, I can't reproduce any problem copying text or notes with text attached - the color of the text comes through just fine. Could you attach a score you are having trouble with and describe the problem you are trying to solve in more detail?

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