iPad app cannot open file from Dropbox

• Apr 26, 2019 - 16:25

I used to use MuseScore app to open a .mscz file from dropbox by Export function to "Copy to MuseScore" before, but it's not showing anything since the last updated.


If I understand your question correctly, it is impossible to open a .mscz file on iPad (or nearly all mobile devices) with or without the Musescore app. The Musescore app is made only to view scores online, like you would with the website, if you want to view them offline you must get Pro.

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Thanks jojo.

I have the paid pro version of the app and I can’t find any way in here to access any file system like Dropbox or iCloud etc. All I can see are the scores I reluctantly placed in Musescore.com. “Songbook” claims to be for locally saved scores but also appears to have no way to get to Dropbox.

This is quite exasperating. Can you help? All I want is access to my own compositions and Musescore is making it inexplicably difficult.

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Thanks Marc. And I apologize that this is probably user error. I believe that before I was trying to Export the “dot” file instead of the actual file.

Apparently musescore creates a dot version of each file that is doesn’t clean up but hides in Finder (via the dot). And apparently even though it has the same extension and about the same file size, that one is not openable by MS, whereas the non dot file is.

So call it my error. But why that file is there and named that way is confusing as is dropbox’s choice to show dot field by default.

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Okay guys thanks. My fault for not noticing that that comma was not part of the Dropbox UI. That explains it. Another “never seen that before” syntax but it certainly gets the job done!

I can’t seem to find a way to get Dropbox for iOS to hide dot files so I’ll just try to ignore that noise.

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