Add open ties

• Apr 27, 2019 - 00:43

Add an open tie element to line palette. This would be great for instruments such as a suspended cymbal. Currently, the way to achieve this is to use a slur, and there is no option available in the master palette. But, this doesn't work across system breaks or page turns. A slur requires each end to be connected to a note, but an open tie would only require one end be connected to a note.. And, making the slur invisible on the next system or second page results in slurs on both pages becoming invisible. Making an individual element for open ties would be handy and time saving.

For reference, see page 290 in Elaine Gould's book "Behind Bars".


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When I said master palette, I meant the symbols palette within the master palette. But, I can't find anything there. I've tried searching "tie", "line", and "slur". The only thing that comes up with something I could potentially use is "tie", but the element is upside-down, and it can't be stretched to make it more visible.

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In the same measure I use the grace note after and tie to it. I then make the grace note invisible (piece by piece). Playback isn't affected. If I need it to go into the next measure I tie it to a note in another voice and make that note invisible. I've never found a decent symbol for this - they're way to limited.

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Sorry, I forgot, the symbols I use are actually on the "Special Characters" palette - press F2 while editing text to display, then look at the very end. For more on how I've done this, see For MsueScore 3, probably best to use a custom (User) text style, both to get 18pt by default and so the default position is right on the notehead rather than something more appropriate for actual fingerings. If you do this a lot, you could add these to a palette and then add them easily.

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