segno unable to work

• Apr 27, 2019 - 08:44

when i drag&drag segno onto the measure , it doesnt work. am i doing sth wrong.

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I see 2 segnos, but no D.S.
A segno (and coda, Fine, To Coda) is just a jump target, you need a jump instruction like D.S. or D.S. al Fine to do the jump to it

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All of the jump symbols are in the Repeats and Jumps palette. For D.S. you must always have the jumps entered into your score in the follow order

To Coda
D.S. al Coda
Coda sign


D.S. al Fine



You need to enter these from the Repeats and jumps palette. Once you enter them, you can double click them to change the text if you want, but they must be entered correctly to begin with.

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thank you, it is really helpfull, if you don't mind, i have more few questions. as you see in the picture, i put D.S and Segno markers. until it comes to D.S there is no problem with reprises. but when it turns to segno after D.S, reprises doesn't work. All i want is playing 2 times whole notes from the beginnig to the end. what can i do?

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been trying to solve this problem in youtube for days

I believe there have been some improvements made since the youtube video was made. No one source will tell you every possible combination of things you can do with the program. If you ever get stuck, don't hesitate to ask how to do something. As you see, the people here are friendly and wiling to help.

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So something as here, in this case d.s. al fine, doesn't appear when you select it?:
Did you scroll to the end of the inspector?
Not sure if it's useful, but maybe attache an example score.
Only a very vague guess, I don't think: In another thread I read, menu items disappear, if MDL is installed. I never heard about such a behavior, but maybe the same for the inspector?

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There has to be something in the score to click on (select) before you can see it in the inspector. If you don't have a DS. in your score you will not be able to see its properties in the inspector. The inspector can only tell you about what is there. It can tell you nothing about what is not there.

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All I need to achieve now is to make it jump back to the segno at the beginning.
The inspector says "Jump to:" with says "segno" (the sign at the begnning is called segno)
"Play until:" There i have "end" (Would like to go to the coda after starting from the beginning.
"Continue at:" Which is blank, what do I put there?

Looks a bit odd to me.

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I have now tried all the things the handbook says, and that D.C. or D.C. al Coda or al Fine or whatever I use still keeps sending me back to the wrong place, always to thlat repeat in the piece (where the key changes) but not to the segno at the top.

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Best way is to attache the corresponding score to see what happens and if it's possible - btw. better the original score instead of a backup file with a comma at the end of the file name. Maybe check inside the inspector if the jumps and labels corresponding.

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Thanks, that did it. The difference is in the details sometimes.
The only other thing is now, I want that first section to play through once more (with repeat) and then go to the Coda, but, surprise, surprise, when I add "To Coda" and a "Coda" at the end, once again there are no jumps or markers to be found in the inspector again.

I think this is the most confusing bit in MS.

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Not sure if I can follow your roadmap and really figured out what happens, maybe explain the order of measures for playback. In the attached file I selected the d.s., did rightclick and deleted all similar elements and replaced it with a d.s. al coda. And it seems for me the playback works as notated?

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A "To Coda" and a "Coda" marking by themselves aren't jumps, which is why the inspector for them doesn't show the properties of a jump.
That however is not an "MS thing"; it's a "music notation" thing.

Both the "To Coda" and "Coda" markings are just plain markings (which you can name whatever you want in their "label" field). Those are later on referenced by the properties of an actual jump; such as a "D.S. al Coda" or a "D.C. al Coda", where you are given the fields in the inspector to tell the jump to which markers it should jump.

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Yes, kuwitt,
As you stated before, the playback now works as you expeted.
However, I tried this all myself, DS al Coda etc. but it never worked for me.
No matter what, I have leaarned a thing or two.
You can almost smell theadrenaline in here. ;)
Thank you ever so much.
And thank you to everyone who replied.

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Replacing the D.S. with a "D.S. al Coda" does work out, but you have to remove both D.S.'s present in there.
Look closely at the D.S., there is another D.S. present there for which the text was nearly erased (just the dot remained) and that D.S. has "play repeats" checked and is taken instead of the D.S. al Coda you've entered.

Just removing both D.S.'s and then placing the D.S. al Coda works perfectly.

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