Melisma running backwards into lyric

• Apr 28, 2019 - 08:35

I've noticed a melisma bug where if you create a melisma on a lyric that is already too long for the notes that the melisma is extending through, the melisma will actually run backwards through the lyric, giving it a semi-underline or line-through effect. However, I noticed that if you undo (ctrl + Z), then the melisma fixes itself and doesn't actually "undo" anything else. And saving and reloading the program keeps the change.

This is a small bug and can easily be worked around. Simply not using the melisma for long word lyrics is possible, but if anything happens like stretching the measure or spacing apart notes, you would want the melisma to be there mechanically. Maybe add some sort of code that causes melismas to not be shown if the lyric is already long enough.

I also don't know if this has any connection with this: #33246: Hyphenated melisma requires too much space

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