Transcribing trumpet part for rock and roll song

• Apr 28, 2019 - 16:28

I've recently joined a (just for fun) group that rehearses in 12 week sessions and then performs at the end of the 12 week session.

We play songs with Sax and Trumpet like 10th Avenue Freeze-out (Bruce Springsteen). I'm the trumpet player. At the start of a 12 week session, I am given is lyrics with chords in a PDF file. I need to come up with the trumpet part.

I currently use Drawboard PDF (on SurfacePro) and make notes on the lyrics as to what I should play and when. For example, I'll label "A", "B", "C" in the lyrics and then have hand-written trumpet parts with "A", "B", "C" and know that those notes are played where I've marked "A", "B", "C" in the lyrics.

I currently using Transcribe! and hand write parts, but would like to know if Musescore could be used as follows.

(1) Create a song with just the lyrics, and the measures.

(2) Listen to the song and transcribe the trumpet notes to the musescore. Initially as text, just the notes because the rhythms I'll have listened to. Trying to get the exact rhythms in some cases is not needed because I know the songs and can "feel the rhythm". The purpose isn't to get an exact sheet of what I need to play but a rough reference of what I need to play

(3) If time permits and so far it hasn't, I would convert the text notes to the actual rhythms to create an actual trumpet sheet music part with lyrics included on the same sheet of music.

I started with trying to add the lyrics and ran into a roadblock. See Add Lyrics without Notes .

Any suggestions on:

(1) Is this approach "OK" or would you suggest making changes,

(2) Is musescore able to support this? I'm sure it can. Next, How should I change my above listed workflow to better work with the way musescore works?


I'm not fully understanding, but what I would say is, it sounds like for your unqiue workflow you should continue to use paper & pencil or the equivalent free-hand drawing software for the stuff you are doing that isn't musical notation. Then, when you are ready to start actually notating, then you should fire up MuseScore and enter the notation.

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