Hairpins and dynamics

• Apr 30, 2019 - 09:43

Good morning,

After I changed over from V2 to V3, I ran into all kinds of problems;
Just to name a few;
Hairpins; automatically the're put below and I want above. I'ff tried in Inspector and Style, but without success, one will be moved above, but the following are below again.
Dynamics; is more or less the same.
Changing duration of notes; In version 2 it was quite easy you blocked capitals / numbers key and using the required digit, you obtained the duration you wanted. With version 3 this is not possible anymore, you have to do it by pressing the number key while pressing the desired number key.
Are there solutions for my problems?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hairpins and Dynamics can get changed from below staff to above via Inspector
  • Changing duration has not changed at all between MuseScore 2 and 3, it is the (unshifted) number keys for either.

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Hey, I've changed it on my belgian Azerty so note durations are set by &é"'(§è!çà as to type in the numbers I indeed need either Shift or a function key to activate numpad mode on part of the letter keys..
I'm just not sure if the keyboard defaults cover such things, nor if they should.

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Thanks Jojo-Schmitz for your answers, but I don't agree your point on "changing duration, on version 2 I could change this with shifted number keys, but on V3 this is not possible, keep in mind that I'm working on a MacBook air.
Regarding Hairpins and Dynamics, in version 2 we could change the standard settings for all following items. In version 3 this is not possible anymore, and that's a pity.

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MuseScore 3 does try to detect your keyboard layout (you may have noticed it ask you confirm this when you first started it) and then optimize shortcuts accordingly. Probably MuseScore chose shortcuts that don't require Shift. But if you prefer pressing Shift, just go to Edit / Preferences and you can change you keybaord layout, and on the Shortcuts tab customize shortcuts.

Dynamis and hairpin placement can be customized via Format / Style, or just press "X" to flip one and use the "S" (set as style) button in the Inspector. The process is thus actually easier than ever.

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