Blue Minus Sign

• May 3, 2019 - 17:08

Please someone help me. This is driving me nuts. This blue minus sign appear in some random moments, sometimes when i delete some note other times when i substitute a note, but whenever it appears, it just refuses to go away and won`t enable me to add any note where it stands on the measure. In this instance, it blocks me from adding anything on the half part of the measure, jumping whenever i try to add any note to the next measure. Please help. =(

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The short version of Shoichi's links is that you have shortened the actual duration measure, probably by selecting a note and pressing ctrl+delete to get rid of it rather than delete, which will leave the measure at the proper length using rests to fill unused beats. To add beats back to the measure, you can press ctrl+shift+n where n is the shortcut for a note (a-g).

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