Unable to Get Rid of the Blue Minus Signs at the End of a Measure.

• Mar 25, 2019 - 20:55

NOT FOUND: Getting Rid of Blue Dash & Plus Marks 1.jpg NOT FOUND: Getting Rid of Blue Dash & Plus Marks 2.jpg I am having problems getting rid of the blue minus sign that appears at the end of a measure. I'm attaching two images. The first one shows what I have, and the second one shows what happens when I change the quarter notes to half notes.


You have made the measure shorter than then time signature, probably by pressing ctrl+delete to delete a note. Press 5 then ctrl+shift+a to add another quarter note to the measure. You can change it afterwards.

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To be clear: Ctrl+Delete is for removing time. Hence the current name in the menu, timewise delete. If you just want to delete the note and replace it with silence, use plain Delete. Deleting a rest makes no logical sense in itself - either you really want to delete the time it occupies, in which case Ctrl+Delete is exactly what you want (and the blue "-" will be correct), or you want to replace it with sound, in which case don't waste our time trying to delete anything at all - just enter the desired notes directly. but there is no other meaning for deleting a rest - you can't delete silence.

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