Exchange Voices doesn't work with parts

• May 5, 2019 - 05:51

I'm not quite sure if this is connected with #279700: Corruption and bad links using exchange voices on score with parts.

The tool Exchange Voices works as intended with a score. However, using the tool in a part does nothing. Is this intended? I would assume not. I'd expect to be able to use the tool in a part, too.

Try with my attachment, which is just a few measures from a project I'm working on. My intention with using the tool is that I can create whole rests in voice 1 and move the cue notes to voice 2. But, I tried doing it in the part, and it... just did NOTHING. Not even an error message.

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I'm sure this is by design and my initial reaction is that it should be this way.

Your score does not have this problem, but what do you expect to happen when Flute 1 and Flute 2 are on the same staff in voices 1 & 2 in the score, but they are separated into 2 parts? What do you expect to happen when you exchange voices 1 & 2 in the Flute 1 part? There have been proposals to unlink parts or certain items on parts. If this were to be implemented (not an easy task as far as I can tell) then I would expect voice exchanges in unlinked parts to be possible. Until then I think an informational dialog is called for, but the voice exchange cannot be implemented.

I am but one voice, other opinions are welcomed.

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Ahh.... I just learned something rather important to part creation with this program. I'm very sad I didn't know this before. I didn't know you could have a single staff in your score with two voices, and then split them during part creation. It took me way too long to understand what you were saying because I didn't know this fact. And it took even longer for me to figure out how to produce a test score to show myself that it was possible. XP
I have so much more to explore now that I have this knowledge.

Thank you, sir. Thank you...

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I'm glad to help. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Music notation software is complex by its very nature and there are a LOT of new features in each version 3 release.

If ever you get a response such as mine that refers to a feature you didn't know about, feel free to ask and someone will explain or point you to the handbook page that explains it. This is much better use of your time than an hour of trial and error in my opinion.

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