Corruption and bad links using exchange voices on score with parts

• Dec 9, 2018 - 02:12
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Go to measure 18. See the cue notes in Fl II and Oboe I? Those were added after parts were generated. They're small, they have slurs, they're in second or third voice, and the play option is unchecked. Now go to Oboe I or Fl II. Don't worry about the octave in Fl II, It's on piccolo first. There are missing notes, none of the notes are small, and they all have play checked, there are no slurs. They are all in first voice, full measure rests on top of phrases, so the score is corrupted, though I get no notification when I load the score.

I did NOT write anything in the parts here. I was writing to score only.

It also gets crashy once you start poking around the parts. Here's a pic, to hedge my bets: parts.png

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Turned out it wasn't just crashy - it crashed everytime it saved. So I turned off auto-save and deleted cues. That fixed the crashing. And led to more weirdness, of course - here's what the score looks like when you delete from the parts: weird.png

I think that it might be connected to Voices - I cannot use the switch voices tool in a part, and as I mentioned, when writing in second or third voice on a score, the part likes to class it all as first voice.

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For me, the score crashes soon after load (on autosave actually), but that's not unexpected since it has link issues like this. I can see the issues if I turn off autosave. Do you have any clue as to how it got to this state? Was this imported from 2.x originally, and if so, can you attach the original?

Our posts crossed (took me a while to get to the point where I could reproduce), thanks for the additional info! I will play with exchanign voices to see if I can reproduce from scratch.

Title Score to part linking is broken Corruption and bad links using exchange voices on score with parts

Bingo, you provided all the clues I needed!

1) default score
2) enter four quarter notes into any measure
3) generate parts
4) select measure with notes
5) exchange voice 1-2
6) view part

Result: similar to example above, first note is gone, remaining notes are in voice 1, and so is the measure rest. Score is quite corrupt at this point.

Been like this since the alpha at least...

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I think you forgot this, lol. And no, I didn't import it. Actually the one thing I did import looks gorgeous. I'm working around it by deleting all the parts and adding in the cues first.

This entire huge score was made in MS3. Pretty good for a beta, eh?

Yes, as I looked back and saw other versions of this, I realized you must have entered it from scratch. Amazing work you have done, and thanks for being so diligent about submitting issues!