Note velocity offset doesn't affect playback when using timbre marked with "Expr."

• May 6, 2019 - 05:03

In 3.1 beta version, note velocity offset (a property in inspector) doesn't affect the playback if I use timbre marked with "Expr.". (it does affect when using timbre without "Expr.") I think this feature is important. because the instrument volume often changes subtly and frequently. so I don't want my video spectators see too many dynamics marks. will it be fixed in stable version? or it's just designed like this?


You could separate the midi functions from the audio so that whatever graphic text or visual commands you use for the audio don't show in the printed score.

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I found another problem caused by this. if one staff has two voices, the dynamic marks will affect playback of both two voices. notes of each voice can't have different playback volume. the only way I found is to creat a new staff, then move notes of voice 2 to new staff. but sometimes voice 2 may have very few notes. it's not a decent way in this situation I think. if velocity offset property of notes can affect playback, the problem will be resolved.

FWIW, you can add dynamic marking but make them invisible (press "V", they grey out on screen but won't show otherwise, and even the on-screen version can be disabled using View / Show Invisible).

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