How to get 4 Lines or Stanzas

• May 8, 2019 - 16:04

I have never used MusesScore before so this is all new to me.
Sorry I'm not so good with words and describing things.
Here is a description of what I am trying to do and what I would like to accomplish:

I would like to end up with 4 stanzas ( or Lines ) for a church Hymn book for the congregation to sing and for the organist to plat.
I will be submitting this to the church music committee for possible consideration to be included in the New Hymn Book if it is chosen sothis is very important to me.
So the Music is for the Organ only.
Then between the Treble and Bass cleff be able to put in 6 verses of Lyrics.
I am using MusesScore 3
So to end up with what I have described above What category do i pick ?
My choices are : General, Choral, Chamber music, Solo, Jazz, Popular, Band and Percussion, Orchestrail?
And then with in the category you recommend that should I use, and what Sub category shoudl I pick to end-up with what I have described above?

Thanks You so much

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