Exported to PDF score missing 8va lines.

• May 10, 2019 - 18:32

When I upload the score to MuseScore the 8va lines are visible, but when I export the file to PDF I have missing 8va lines! See attached score, everything in the inspector looks good. Hope to find a solution. Thanks.


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The Ottava brackets in M 76 & 80 appear to be dots, rather than dashes, in which case, they may not appear properly on some monitors. (they were not very clear while I was scrolling, but appeared once the screen was static.) I wonder if they have some custom property which has inadvertently been selected.
[EDiT] I just tried some Ottavas on a current score, and indeed, dotted brackets are less visible.

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Shoichi is using linux if I remember correctly, Me and Daniel are using windows and I don't see the missing lines Daniel mentioned.

The problem is that the thickness on the missing lines is 0 compared to .1 sp on the lines you can see. It seems you accidentally edited these.

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