• May 13, 2019 - 06:14

I just downloaded this lead sheet, but when it plays, it sounds a whole step above the written notes.
How can that be?
I though it might be written for a transposing instrument, but when I check the score, it says "piano."
A little help please?
I thank you in advance.

Springfield, MO


I just tried a couple other lead sheets... .which were mine and I hadn't downloaded... and they all played a whole step up as well... in other words the pitch written on the page is a C, but when it is played by the play panel... it sounds a D...
I must have mistakenly set something somewhere ....

Springfield, MO

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Thanks guys!... .mystery solved... I don't have perfect pitch.... I checked the synthesize and it was set for 440 A...
I keep my Yamaha electric grand right next to my computer. My three year old grand daughter likes to play the piano.... so apparently she "detuned" the Yamaha electric grand one whole step yesterday while she was playing piano... .so later... every time I played my charts on the piano and then listened to my Musescore charts it was a whole step off... .it was the electric piano that was off, not my Musescore...!!!!!!!!!!!

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