Recent file I edited has seemingly gone corrupt

• May 15, 2019 - 20:57

Hello, recently I was working on a song with Musescore 3 and when finished, I tried printing and halfway through the printer stopped and Musescore crashed. When I loaded Musescore back up, I selected the song I was working on from the start menu and again, Musescore crashed. I loaded it back up and tried selecting the file from my file explorer to no avail. Every time I would open the file, Musescore would crash. I tried reverting to Musescore 2 so I could see the error with the show details button like a tutorial said on a similar matter. I got, "XML read error at line 654 column 18: KeySig". Following the tutorial, I tried opening the MSCZ file in 7Zip and went to line 654, column 18 and did not see any "&" that the people with the problem previously were talking of. I still can't seem to resolve the issue no matter what I change, so I just assumed that I had lost that file permanently (the file is attached). Any help/information you could give to me would be greatly appreciated.

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That score crashes in 3.0.5, but opens just fine in 3.1 Beta 2, so whatever it is, it seems ifxed there.
As it is a MuseScore 3 file, it would not open in MuseScore 2, that XML read error is all but one symptom.

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