Key signature in multi-measure rests

• May 15, 2019 - 21:27

On the latest score that I entered, I suddenly got stuck with key signatures being inserted in every multi-measure rest segment. If I turn multi-measures off in the System Format, everything seems fine, but if I enable multi-measure rests, the key signature appears.


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I tried 3.1 Beta 2. It did not fix my problem. But I fixed it:

I had set up a score in the key of F. I then entered two section breaks and entered more notes. Later, I changed the key of section 2 to Bb. Section 3, starting at measure 145 stayed in the key of F, and things seemed fine as I added to the score. Then when I turned on multiple-measure rests, a redundant key signature showed up at measure 177. It appears that it was a new key signature of F actually in the score at line 177. (As in a change of key from F to F) Without multi-measure rests, the system seemed to recognize that the key remained in F, so did not insert anything, but when the multi-measure was turned on, the latent key change was shown.

At that point (still with multi-measure on) I could highlight the key signature at 177 and hit delete. It disappeared and now the whole section is happily in the key of F, whether multi-measure rests are turned on or off

I can not really recount how this came about, because I was adding blocks of measures to the score as I was going along.

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Indeed, the actual score would help. But a few things I can tell you already:

  • while most of the bugs that could cause this are fixed, scores already afflicted are not automatically fixed
  • there is one such known bug that has a pending fix but it isn't included in 3.1 - see #286616: Multi-measure rests creates unexpected key signatures
  • these glitches general either go away automatically on save/reload, or, if you attach your score, we can normally show you how to fix them

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