Multi-measure rests creates unexpected key signatures

• Mar 24, 2019 - 11:43
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Create a new score that contains multiple key changes.

When turning on multi-measure rests observe that some of the multi-measure rests show unexpected key signatures in front of the multi-measure rest. See attached file for reference.

Sounds almost identical to issue #118876, but not sure if it is.

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This is almost certainly a duplicate of #284100: Spurious key signature on key change if mmrest starts a system (3.0.x only) and as such is already fixed for 3.1. Although scores that already have the extra key signatures may need to have them deleted.

In order to say for sure, we would need precise steps to reproduce this from scratch. But, if you look at the description in the other, I think you'll find it the same. So we would only need new steps to reproduce if different.

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I've never really figured out the exact steps to make it happen in my scores, and once they are there, they key signatures never go away again, which make is hard to confirm it in the files that I have.
However the steps from 284100 make sense and are something that I did during the creation of my scores, which makes your assumption most likely correct.
I'll wait for 3.1 to confirm, if it is fixed.

I hope the fix will allow me to actually remove the key signatures. Currently I mark them invisible, which is a workaround, but it leaves the mm rests with an extra gap at the beginning. Currently there is no way to actually really delete them or make them completely disappear.

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I'll mark this duplicate, then, if the problem reoccurs in some other scenario, feel free to reopen and provide the steps.

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I have instructions to reproduce this effect, though I am not sure if this is exactly what the OP describes:

1) Open/Create a score with an instrument.
2) Add enough bars so that two or more systems of the same instrument appear on one page.
3) Add a key signature somewhere in the score, but certainly before the rehearsal mark you will add in the next step.
4) Add a rehearsal mark at the first bar of the next system.
5) Enable multimeasure rests. Observe that the same key signature is reiterated at the rehearsal mark.

I don't think this is similar to #284100, as this one involved rehearsal marks, which I noted in the OP's score.
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 58dd23d

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Confirmed, this is still an issue on master. Seems related anyhow - the rehearsal mark is forcing the mmrest to start at that point, which does happen to be the start of the system.