Difference in size of files (in kb)

• May 18, 2019 - 13:38

just curious

Why would a song for piano and mezzo of 2 1/2 minutes length be 111 kb file when others longer are half the size and a score for 6 players of over 9 minutes be only 56 kb?


In general, I wouldn't expect duration of playback to be a reliable indicator of anything. Number of notes (and other elements) is. So, a one minute piece that consists of 15 whole notes at 60 beats per minute is going to be a much smaller file than one that consists of 360 eighth notes at 180 beats per minute. Also, lyrics need space, so you all other markings like aritculations etc.

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If this doesn't make sense for the scores you are looking at then post them. There was at one time a strange bug where some scores kept growing every time they were saved, but I haven't seen anything about it in months (maybe last year). I also don't remember a fix specifically being written.

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