Rare instrument transposition...

• May 18, 2019 - 17:34

Ok, not so rare in my world but...
The Banjeaurine is a small version of a 5-string banjo. Essentially, it is pitched as if a standard 5-string were capoed to the 5th fret.
I am working on the grand staff...so getting the banjeaurine part to sound correct is pretty easy, I can either use the transpose function in the staff properties panel or I can simply use the capo function in the staff text box.
However, readers of Banjeaurine music read transposed. I mean, their sheet music is in a different key than the rest of the players. For instance, I'm scoring for 5 banjos (1st, 2nd, Banjeaurine, Piccolo and Cello). The piece is in C for everybody but the Banjeaurine, which is in G.
How do I get the Banjeaurine part in G? I'd rather I didn't have to fake it in...



Right click the staff, choose Staff/Part properties and change the transposition at the bottom of the dialog box so it will sound 9 semitones higher which would make it 8-Minor sixth if I'm doing my math right.

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I had already done the transposition part (a perfect 4th higher). However, I couldn't figure out how to get the key signature to show properly. Turned out I was entering the score in "concert pitch" mode. Once I figured that out, it looks and sound right!
I don't get to do full scores very often (they're rare to find in the banjo world today) but this one is from 1892. Now I gotta switch it all over to tab. Should be a piece of cake now that I got it working.

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