Score uploaded on website crashes page, but only on mobile. No problems for similar scores.

• May 19, 2019 - 23:59

Here is the score:

Using my computer, the playback works perfectly fine. But on my tablet, smartphone, and others' devices the page spontaneously crashes within 10 seconds, prompting the standard message "The webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred". The playback sounds fine for a few seconds, but it still reloads the page anyway, where it goes through he same thing again before telling me, "A problem repeatedly occurred on [page link]". I can't stay on the page at all, even if I don't play the score.

I have posted quite a few scores of this same format, which is pep band of street fighter music. All of them have worked fine thus far, where I can listen to the whole thing on my devices. An example of which is here:

I polished up the score and updated it in hopes to solve the problem, but the page still lasts only a few seconds. The only thing setting this one apart from my 7 others, is that it uses a custom time signature (11/8). Could that be the problem? Additionally, the score never crashed the program itself during the making, so I had no reason to suspect anything was wrong.

Version of Musecore: 2.1
Mac OS X El Capitan (it works normally on my computer, however)
Apple OS on devices: 12.1.4
I don't use the MuseScore app.

I apologize in advance if I am missing anything important.

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