musescore 3 does not position lyrics right if Music was written in Musescore 2.

• May 21, 2019 - 17:17

I have a link to my Musescore piece which I wrote in Musescore 2. When the piece opens, it does not provide an option to open it in Musescore 2 and instead Musescore 3 comes up and asks if I want to format it to fit. I say "yes", but still the lyrics come up shifted so they overlap the music. Is there a fix for that? Can I opt to open up my music in Musescore 2?


MuseScore 2 should still be on the computer if you didn't delete it. Open version 2 and open the score from within version 2 using File->Open.

or right-click and use open with (you may need to then drill down to the musescore 2 binary, and uncheck the 'use this always' checkbox, but only the first time)

In general, MuseScore 3 will have much better 8default* formatting than 2, but if you did a lot of manual adjustments, those won't necessarily make sense, so the two choices of resetting the manual adjustments or attempting to apply them to to the improved defaults are often equally unsatisfactory. 3.1 should do a better job of mimicing any manual formatting applied in MuseScore 2 than 3.0.5 did. If you continue to have problems using 3.1, I would encourage you to attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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