Trying to figure out why Pulse Audio cpu usage is high when MuseScore is open (even without any score open)

• May 22, 2019 - 22:51

Notice I have no score open. Pulse Audio cpu usage would be under 0% without MuseScore open. But if I have MuseScore using PulseAudio as output, PulseAudio cpu usage jumps up to 25% of a core. And it is even higher up to %50 of a core if I select PortAudio and use PulseAudio as backend:


If I instead just use ALSA device directly instaed of PulseAudio, then there is no cpu hogging.

I don't know if this is something with my current arch linux system...I didn't notice it in past versions of MuseScore though, and I don't think I've really changed the audio setup on my labtop.

Not a major problem, but it does eat up my laptop battery and causes the fan to make noise, or I can just use alsa. But just wondering if people experience this or have any suggestions.


Some Mac users also reported this.
So I don't think this is specific to your OS setup.

my guess (may not be true) was that PulseAudio was evaluating and processing the silence (and perhaps the reveb).

Also interestingly, MuseScore's normal idle cpu usage wiht no score with PortAudio using an alsa device as output is only around 10% a core, but is only ~3% when using PulseAudio as output, but is way up around %25 when PortAudio is using pulse.

I do notice some error messages in console upon startup in this PortAudio using pulse configuration: portaudio-to-pulse.txt. I don't know if that is related.

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