Autoplacement of images in MuseScore 3.1 Release Candidate (RC1)

• May 25, 2019 - 11:29

When moving an image, a dashed-line shows between the image and the attached note. Once the image has been released the dashed-line is invisible. It seems that auto-placement tries to not overlap this invisible dashed-line.

Does MuseScore 3.1 RC1 ( ignore auto-placement in certain scenarios, like the invisible dashed-line joining an image to a note?

With MuseScore 2, the attached MSCZ-file was:
* 2 pages
* the last line of notes was nicely spaced
* the image was horizontally centred
MuseScore 2 was used to create the attached PDF-file from the attached MSCZ-file.

Can the layout as shown in the attached PDF-file be possible when viewing the attached MSCZ-file with the MuseScore 3.1 Final Release?

Thank you

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Unfortunately most of the sheet music created with MuseScore no longer shows the layout nicely since version 3 when images are involved.

Attached in PDF format is how the MSCZ-file looks when opened with MuseScore 3.0.5. There are 2 files attached as the layout is different depending on the response to "Reset positions of all elements".

Does this help?

Thank you

If you want the image below the second measure of the last line, don't add it to the last line and move it to the left - just add it below the measure you actually want it to appear below. Then you don't have to rely on manually dragging it into position.

Automatic placement does not consider the invisible dotted line, but it does factor the image into the space allocated for the note you actually attached it to, which is why it is important not to attach images to one note then drag them to appear by another. Really, for images like this that aren't meant to apply to any note at all, you shouldn't be attaching them to notes at all, but instead adding a frame and adding the image there. Then you can control its position much more accurately (no worry about its positioning shifting as the layout of your score inevitably changes due to small edits, changes in font, etc).

Anyhow, to move this image more freely without changing it to be in a frame, just disable autoplace for it via the Inspector (or, as of 3.1, Alt+drag). But in the future, better to use frames for this.

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Thank you for advising that frames are the correct way to add images. Here is a reference for anyone else reading this:

  1. Is there anyway to automatically centre-align images in a frame?

  2. The auto-placement for the lyrics with number and dot, eg "1." is different to "R)". Can this be improved?

  3. Is auto-placement meant to work for "play with left hand" and "play with right hand"? These didn't auto-place with MuseScore 3.1 RC1.

Thank you once again

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1) Not currently, but see also #289694: Allow centering symbols in measures and on notes and feel free to comment there
2) Verse numbers are automatically recognized and aligned specially, this is a feature. If you are saying you want the "R)" to be treated as if it were a verse number, I guess the trick would be figuring out how MuseScore would really know the difference. But if someone can come up with a really good set of rules to follow, it's certainly possible. Feel free to start a new discussion on this topic specifically.
3) Not sure what you mean, are you referring to the bracket symbols you added like in measure 3? Autoplacement is doing what it is supposed to do - prevent other elements from colliding with it. If you mean, it doesn't automatically figure out exactly where you want it placed, that is true. Elements placed from the "Symbols" palette are just that - symbols, MuseScore will add them to your score when you tell it to but it doesn't "understand" them to allow it to position them anywhere but exactly where you ask.

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  1. Done, thank you
  2. Done at, thank you
  3. Yes, measure 3. When the MuseScore file was originally opened with MuseScore 3.1 RC1 the symbol and note were shown collided. We had to manually move the bracket symbol. The file was then saved and uploaded to this issue.
    a) Should auto-placement automatically moved it a bit to the left and a bit down as it is linked to the note to which it relates?
    b) Are you able to reproduce the collision when you open… with MuseScore 3.1 RC1 and click "Yes" to "Reset positions of all elements"?

Thank you

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As I explained, symbols are just symbols to MsueScore. We don't know whether they might look better to the left, to the right, above, or below. So we let you deal with that yourself, same as in all previous versions. If you like that symbol down and to the left of the notehead, then move it, just as you did. By defaulting to a nice predictable location like on top of the notehead, it's more likely that default won't change in the future so your manual adjustment should always remain safe again future updates. And yes, resetting positions does mean returning it to that default.

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Autoplacement is doing what it is supposed to do - prevent other elements from colliding with it.
(i.e., the bracket symbols)
By defaulting to a nice predictable location like on top of the notehead...
(is what causes the collision.)

Regarding the right-hand / left-hand bracket symbols, the default offsets of Automatic placement do collide with the notehead(s), though it's not too bad.

In the score - BoldogasszonyAnyank.mscz - from the attachment posted above - the bracket from measure 6, displays a bracket/notehead collision at the default x/y offsets:

The same for the other bracket instances. (Although the notehead is solid, so it 'hides' the collision.)

BTW: That file behaves differently in MuseScore 3.0.5 and in the 3.1 RC upon initial opening - i.e., at seeing the reset prompt:
"To best take advantage of automatic placement in MuseScore 3 when importing 'BoldogasszonyAnyank' from MuseScore 2.3.2, it is recommended to reset the positions of all elements.
Reset the positions of all elements?"

It's worth a look. In addition to the piano bracket symbols, check out the lyrics behavior.


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Again, as I explained above, this is by design. We don't do any special interpretation of the meaning of symbols from that palette, so we have nothing on which to base a decision on position. Instead we provide a predictable default so you can safely apply whatever adjustment you like. Some symbols on this palette are designed to be placed directly on the note, others to the left, others to the right, others above, others below - we simply have no knowledge of the meaning of these symbols.

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There are two aspects to autoplace. One is positioning the element, the other is adding it to the "skyline" so other elements avoid it. Symbols and other elements that can be place don the staff work by first placing normally, then they are added to the skyline so other elements won't collide with them. Try adding staff text to that note and you'll see it works just fine - the text avoids the symbol. But the symbol is deliberately placed right on the note so you have a predictable starting point for your manual adjustments.

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