problem to change tuning strings in Tab

• May 25, 2019 - 14:08
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I have problems to change the tuning of the strings in tab. This happens in version 3.0. The program shuts down when I do this. It does not happen in version 2.0.
what can i do to solve it.
Thank you


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Detailed steps and sample score needed, I can change string tuning on a tablature staff in 3.0.5 without any problem

There's no string data in staff properties, not all by itself, only on staves of scores with plucked string instruments, so there are definitly steps missing in your procedure.
Creating a new score from the Guitar +Tab template and then going to staff properties > string data > changing any string's pitch, pressing OK twice... no crash

I do get a crash though when entering notes into such a changed pitch staff, above a certain pitch (more investigation needed). In 3.0.5 and 3.1RC. Might be related or a completly different issue.


Can we please restart from the beginning. Things are missing for the understanding of what you are observing.
A few questions first:
1) Which version exactly do you use? (to check, go to menu "Help"/About)
2) Do you use one of your existing scores? If so, it would really be useful if not necessary to attach it here for verification.
3) Or are you talking about something that happens with any new score created. And if so, do you simply use a Tablature staff (for example, the template in the Wizard), or the Guitar + Tablature template (with linked staves)?
4) Finally, with regard to the steps you describe in a previous comment, what exactly do you mean by "Open height"? (I guess something related with "Open" string - but what you do exactly, one open string ou more etc..)

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The version of the program is, I made a own score (of a radiohead guitar)
When I write in staff, I can change the sixth string to D. but when I copy the music and paste it on tab. I can not change that string because the program shuts down.
this is the problem!
the file is atacchedd

thanks. Excuse my english,,,,,,,,

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I get some crashes, but very few, and I can't reproduce for the moment from a certain sequence of steps that would cause a systematic crash.
In any case, and even if I don't know right now if it is the main culprit (I would say possibly, a data update which fails somewhere and with a specific sequence of steps, e.g. possibly related to :#285274: changing a guitar's string data pretends to update the instrument's range, but does no ? ), you should avoid to tick "open string" for D2.

This is a totally misunderstood feature, and completely useless for guitars. It is only useful for lutes that have extra basses outside the fingerboard. I still think it's a feature that has extreme visibility for truly confidential use cases. IMHO, it should be elsewhere, really more hidden, and that would perhaps avoid (I'm not sure yet) this kind of problem.

@Jojo. The sixth string in guitar, it is the lowest string (E2, therefore towards D2, as on the user's image - Re2), and not the highest open string (ie E4).
Like a violin, for example, the "chanterelle" (you sing on it, the melody on it), is the thinnest string, named as first string.

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A 7-string guitar (standard & Tablature) is already available in the wizard. Type simply "guitar" in the search box.

7 string.jpg
And for the issue/crash, of course, if you have a very detailed sequence of steps to reproduce it (I insist, very detailed, each click or each action in a specific order may be decisive), feel free to share here.

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Reported version 3.x-dev 3.0

we still don't know how to reproduce and it is not an issue with some development version but (started) with MuseScore 3.0