Hairpin automatic placement woes

• May 25, 2019 - 21:06

I'm really wrestling with automatic placement here. Surely this is a bug?

This is version Project file attached. In case it's relevant, this project was an import from Musescore 2.

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Hairpin Frustrations.mscz 13.86 KB


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Indeed, that's what I ended up doing (which I suppose you know since you took that screenshot from the video). But that seems to me to be a workaround. Are you saying the behavior I observed was actually correct according to automatic placement's design?

For me, the expected behavior was how it behaved when automatic placement was disabled. I don't understand the rationale for spanning a hairpin across a bar line.

It's normally correct that if the dynamic after a hairpin is more than a short distance from the start of a measure, it's proper to extend the hairpin to meet it. So that's what we do. If the "mf" wasn't there on the hairpin, this would be totally correct. However, we should probably disable this extension is the hairpin has its own dynamic marking as well. Definitely a bug worth reporting to the issue tracker. Meanwhile, workaround is indeed to disable automatic placement, for either the hairpin or the dynamic, whichever ends up being less disruptive.

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