MIDI Real-Time Recording Error

• May 27, 2019 - 00:54
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S3 - Major
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Steps to reproduce issue:
1.) Use Yamaha P200 piano with Roland UM - ONE MIDI interface on Windows 10
2.) Use either Real-time automatic or manual mode to record notes

Musescore records around 10 random tied notes in addition to the inputted notes.

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Seems likely your keyboard or the interface is configured to actually send multiple MIDI messages, perhaps to do some sort of layering. If MuseScore gets multiple MIDI messages, it will indeed respond to them.

Hmm, other than a couple of people who had layers turned on, I've never heard of this happening. I can't really see it might be score specific, but it wou;dn't hurt to attach the score you are having trouble with - unless this happens even for a new score created from scratch with the Treble template. Which version of MuseScore (see Help / About for the specific info)? Does the problem persist if you try out the 3.1 release candidate?

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Hello. I started having the same problem as the OP in the latest version of Musescore. It also happens in older 3.6 versions, because installing an older version didn't solve the issue for me. I tried to identify the problem and I found that it can be reproduced by making changes to the first instrument in the score. When first creating a new score, everything works fine, but then if an instrument is added, and it's placed above the (original) first instrument of the score in the instruments panel, then the problem occurs. I also tried creating a score with only one instrument and changing settings in the Staff/Part Properties (e.g. changing the transposition settings) and again, that also triggers this issue. The problem consists of the real-time input advancing on its own, without pressing the advance button. Also, with every additional key pressed on the midi keyboard, whenever I try to use the real-time input again, it's like pressing (and holding infinitely) together all of the keys that have been pressed since the beginning of the session. Also this behaviour, once it occurs, apparently can't be solved by reverting the changes that determined it in the first place. I would like to know if there is a solution to this.

Edit: I downloaded the score that the OP posted and the issue is there when I try to input a note. It seems like the score file gets corrupted in some way so that this persists indefinitely after it occurs.