Pro7use-GM Soundfont

• May 27, 2019 - 14:16


Pretty impressive soundfont for being so small. What's the copyright licence for this thing? Is it open source or more restrictive than that?
The only thing that I think is missed out on in this thing is the lack of proper fadeouts with some of the instruments.
I have a few ideas on how to improve it, but it'll take some time to tinker with it. Mostly with the synth instruments.

I couldn't find a sf2 version of it on your site, only sf3. Not a big deal, but I prefer lossless for everything whenever possible.

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I released to low/mid-quality version (and only available with the Musescore software users)

If I publish a sf2 version of this soundfont, it will be open to the whole world. I don't want this.
Currently only available for musescore software (sf3). And I want it to stay that way.

I am not in a position to issue a license for this soundfont.
I did this soundfont and I set the parameters inside, but the samples comes from an old module.
Think of this medium-quality-compressed soundfont file as just a read-only demo file. And just for personal use only.

Read the soundfont's page there are explanations there.

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ahh I see.
Well it's pretty easy to convert sf3 back to sf2 (with quality loss), so I'm not bothered too much by that.
As a sf2 It works pretty well in the few programs I've tested it with. Still haven't tried it with my old AWE 64 Gold, but it looks like it should work on there. If it does work, then only a few instruments would need tweaking for it to be considered the best soundfont for those old cards. IMHO

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do you mind if I modify it and send you a copy of what I hacked together?
I'm probably gonna stray a fair bit from the proteus origins, (to get better GM compatibility) mostly for my personal preferences. I'll make sure it's only using the CC0 samples so you can keep the code quazi non commercial, no derivatives, licence.

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